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I love this image so much.

I’ve seen some women who are offended by this and say it’s ridiculous that her cleavage is showing and things of that sort.

Personally, I think it’s great.

Why should we have an image of a women with her hair tied up and flexing her muscles like she’s a man? (not that that isn’t great too!) In a way it suggests that when our hair is down, our breasts are visible and we wear (GASP) lipstick, we’re somehow lesser than men? We can do it! We can be feminine and successful.

You see what I’m saying here, ladies?

You don’t have to lose your femininity. Being feminine is great. Being masculine is great. Strength is not limited to one way of being.

Important commentary.

I like both images. It’d be cool to have them side by side, yeah?

Except that the original image was WWII propaganda for women to get back in the workplace and was supposed to represent that average female worker at the time (except for the fact that many of these women were black so the image itself is whitewashed)? That’s why the original is “masculine”, because it was a representation of industrial women workers. Practically speaking, you can’t have your hair down or shirt unbuttoned when you’re a factory worker. It hasn’t nothing to do with being anti-feminine. Also, why do we have to make anything feminism-related “sexy”?????

You can’t just make feminism ahistorical and throw glitter on it without context. 

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Remember that consciousness is power. Consciousness is education and knowledge. Consciousness is becoming aware. It is the perfect vehicle for students. Consciousness-raising is pertinent for power, and be sure that power will not be abusively used, but used for building trust and goodwill domestically and internationally. Tomorrow’s world is yours to build.” - Yuri Kochiyama, Japanese-American activist (May 19, 1921 - June 1, 2014)

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Chanel Iman at the CFDA Awards 

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“Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”
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On the Runway - Elie Saab | Fall Winter 2013-14 

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“We don’t know if Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. We don’t know if he was a “madman.” We do know that he was desperately lonely and unhappy, and that the Men’s Rights Movement convinced him that his loneliness and unhappiness was intentionally caused by women.
Because this is what the Men’s Rights Movement does: it spreads misogyny, it spreads violence, and most of all it spreads a sense of entitlement towards women’s bodies.
Pretending that this is the a rare act perpetrated by a “crazy” person is disingenuous and also does nothing to address the threat of violence that women face every day. We can’t just write this one off – we need to talk about all of the fucked up parts of our culture, especially the movements that teach men that they have the right to dominate and intimidate and violate women, that lead to this, and we need to change things. Because if we don’t, I guarantee that this will happen again. And again. And again.”

Elliot Rodger And Men Who Hate Women (via fucknosexistcostumes)

yes! That video was full of things that I see every day from “nice guys” on the internet who are convinced of their status as “gentlemen.” His opinions about women are not unusual and he is not the first man to threaten or enact violence because women won’t sleep with them.

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